The documentary of the documentary…

… of the Eiger north face The concept behind that movie is that my work “the documentary of the documentary” is a small part of a fictitious exhibition about the documental in Alpinism. For this exhibition different designers with different specialisation are involved. The exhibition itself is divided in different areas, but that movie belongs to […]


The radio show  Nudeljoghurt is the name of a radio show, which two friends of mine and I did during our studies. I was a free member of the radio achwelle, the student radio of University of Applied Science in Dornbirn. Our show is a mixture between funny scetches and live-moderation. After that time I also […]


A parody on students life During the Intermedia-studies I had a video course in which I have learned all the basics about taking and cutting movies. At the end of the course we had to take a movie about the city Dornbirn. It could be anything we want to – it just must be related with Dornbirn. […]