Those adjectives are characterizing the book I made. The assignment of tasks was to attach texts out of the magazine Miromente with pictures of the photographer Arno Gisinger. The problem was that neither the text nor the pictures had something to do with each other. So I got the idea to design an artistic, experimental book, which shows the photographs on the one side of the book and the text on the other side. Artistic books are multi-lingual, complex and allow an experimental form finding. In fact you can say that the artistic book puts books to the test – through that artistic agility books become a magic place.

The basic idea of this work is to make texts and pictures unreadable through experimental techniques like writing texts out of candle wax or spacing letters too closely. In principle all rules of typography are broken. The form of the book is also experimental: It is a circle. Through that the classic form of books is replaced. It is of course an eye-catcher in every book shelf. To protect the book from dirt it is packaged in a rounded film can.